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Reading Toronto looks at the city through the eyes of many of its most creative artists and arts institutions. The growing ubiquity of high-speed Internet connections allows visitors from around the globe to experience the city in ways never before possible. More than that, they can contribute their own stories, experiences, and ideas about Toronto. As descriptions of the city accumulate, we expect that new ways of reading Toronto will emerge.

We invite you to contribute your stories, insights, photographs, drawings, and movies about Toronto to our site.

Robert Ouellette, the editor and founder of Reading Toronto, would like to thank Brian Boigon, George Baird, Graham Owen, Larry W. Richards, Bruce Kuwabara and the University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design for the inspiration, knowledge, patience, and support you have offered over the years. To the many designers, architects, writers, and artists of the city, thank you for the work you do. It improves our world.

Ouellette was an invited respondent at the United Nations for their "Sustainability and Urban Design Symposium," held Oct 18th, 2006. He writes a column on architecture, design, and politics for the National Post. A recipient of the City of Toronto's Urban Design Award, he is the former Director of the University of Toronto's ITDC Lab at the Faculty of Architecture and Design. Trained as an architect, he also holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business.

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